TE Connectivity launches European research initiative

Equities.com - November 3, 2012

TE Connectivity launched a new European research initiative, to speed up the roll-out of fibre networks. VECTOR (Versatile Easy installable Connector implementing new Technologies for accelerated fiber Optic network Roll-outs in Europe) is a partnership between European universities and the telecom industry which will conduct research activities to develop a field installable optical fiber connector system. The system will speed up the operation of extended fibre-optic networks in a greater level.

Highly specialized personnel and a multitude of dedicated tools are required to install connectors on tiny optical fibres in the field. Dust and dirt make it almost impossible to achieve field connections with a quality level close to the one attainable in a factory or lab environment. The new research group will create a connector system which guarantees factory-like performance during field installation. VECTOR makes use of the latest developments in the field of heat-shrinkable materials, nano materials, high-tech gels, micro-fabrication and micro-mechanical alignment systems to attain optical connections with superior specifications.

European Union s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) funds the programme. TE Connectivity (through its Belgium entity, Tyco Electronics Raychem BVBA) coordinates the programme.

VECTOR gets contributions from DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics (Netherlands), Celoplas Plasticos para a Industria (Portugal), Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Universiteit Gent (Belgium), Telecom Italia and Telekom Deutschland also.