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The Vrije Universiteit Brussel - VUB will be represented by the Brussels Photonics Team B-PHOT which is a local centre of excellence in the domain of optics and micro-photonics. This group hosts 50 researchers with R&D activities coordinated by Prof. Hugo Thienpont. It is internationally recognized for its basic, strategic and applied research in the field of "micro-optics" and “micro-photonics”. VUB B- PHOT is uniquely involved in industrially-oriented research projects. Recently it was awarded the special status of “Focal Point for Industrial Validation” by the Flemish government and by VUB for its track record in knowledge transfer and research validation in photonics.

A key-expertise of VUB B-PHOT is in optical design, fabrication and quantitative characterization of micro-optical components and modules, and their integration in test bed demonstrators for optical data-communication applications. VUB B-PHOT masters numerical simulation of micro-photonic structures and devices using commercially available tools for optical design (ASAP, Zemax, VirtualLab Lumerical FDTD and Mode Solutions), thermo-mechanical analysis (ABAQUS, ANSYS, COMSOL Multiphysics) and Monte-Carlo and Design of Experiments for 3D tolerance synthesis of optical systems. It’s clean room infrastructure is equipped with a unique assortment of top-measurement instrumentation for the quantitative characterization of optical materials, surfaces and micro-photonic components. VUB B-PHOT has developed and optimized a unique in-house lithography technology known as deep proton writing (DPW) for the fabrication of micro-optical and micro-mechanical systems, This enables the fabrication of monolithically integrated components combining micro- mechanical alignment features with elements providing enhanced optical functionalities such as for example micro-lenses.