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Network solutions division

The network solutions division of Tyco Electronics Raychem, headquartered in Kessel-Lo, Belgium, is one of the largest suppliers of infrastructure components and systems for telecommunications and energy networks.

The products that Tyco Electronics is producing and commercializing can be divided in:

 • Heat shrinkable products for protection, sealing and isolation of telecom copper networks

 • Telecom outside plant products ranging from optical distribution frames, closures, organizers, cabinets to customer boxes for telecom fiber optic networks

 • Touch screen terminals

For most of the products Tyco Electronics is in the top 3 of the companies having the largest market share worldwide.

The main customers for the telecom outside plant market are in the first place world-wide telecom operators. Amongst the major customers Tyco Electronics can count Telefonica, Verizon, British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telecom. Besides operators in Europe and RBOC’s in the US we have global carriers like Cable and Wireless, Colt. Subsequently, we can consider the second operators. Examples of second operators are Mannesman Arcor, City Networks. TE ships also products to CATV operators. Customers are e.g. Comcast and Telewest. Finally, a last class of customers are turnkey contractors and OEM’s. Ericsson, Alcatel, Lucent and Huawei are typical examples.

Netconnect solutions division

The Netconnect solutions division is also based in Kessel-Lo. The product offering of that division is based on structured premises wiring systems for voice and data networks, complete end-to-end cabling and connectivity solutions (including  intelligent infrastructure management and active Ethernet-LAN devices). There is also a broad portfolio of cabling component systems for unshielded copper cabling, shielded copper cabling and fibre optic systems for campus and local area networks.

R&D department

The R&D department is structured in such a way to have on one hand groups focusing on design and development of network elements and subassembly parts of network elements (organizers). On the other hand, there are groups doing more long term applied ‘lean’ research towards new building blocks that can afterwards be used by the design and development groups once their feasibility has been proven.

The main objective is to develop a new generation of optical distribution frames, street cabinets, multi- dwelling unit equipment, … according to specific customer requirements. For these development efforts, the development groups rely on material science developed inside the company over the last decades. In addition, product knowledge of fibre optic connectors, as well as passive optical components and testing expertise of the latter turns out to be imperative for positioning highly performing network elements in the fibre optic market.