Celoplás – Plásticos para a Indústria SA


Celoplás – Plásticos para a Indústria S.A. is a medium sized company with headquarters in the north of Portugal. Currently, 133 persons work in the company on a 10.000 m2 large site. During the last 20 years Celoplás has been involved in the development, design and manufacturing of high precision technical parts to be produced by injection  moulding, using the whole range of available thermoplastics, thermosets or even liquid silicone rubbers. To complement the processes previously described, the company also has competences on the design and manufacturing of the injection moulding tools (standard, overmoulding or multi-component) as well as all necessary accessory tools or equipments for further handling, process integration or automatic assembly operations. 

The company is currently enhancing its investments in R&D on the development of skills in micro technologies (moulding, tool making and metrology) as well as technologies for powder injection moulding of metals and ceramics, for the medical, photonics, electronics and automotive sectors. The investments in R&D represent between 4-5% of the company turnover. Currently the company is actively involved in two R&D projects with Portuguese funds and two which are self-financed. Two projects are focused on the medical sector and two on the micro activity.